Huawei joins OEMs group accelerating adoption of TD-SCDMA standard


Marvell announced that Huawei’s new T8300 ultra-thin
smartphone, powered by Marvell’s industry’s first commercially available
TD-SCDMA single chip solution, has passed China Mobile’s testing requirements
and has shipped to its stores throughout China.


The Huawei T8300 measures 11.2 millimeters thick with
Marvell PXA918 processor and is one of the six new smartphones selected by
China Mobile in its first round of procurement this year.


“Mass adoption of China’s TD-SCDMA standard is
accelerating rapidly as more manufacturers come to leverage the technical and
economic advantages of Marvell’s single-chip solution. Huawei’s new ultra-thin
super smartphone is just the latest example of why TD-SCDMA will soon become
the world’s standard for full-featured, highly affordable smart devices,”
said Weili Dai, co-founder, Marvell.


For Marvell, the fast acceptance of the TD-SCDMA
standard is very gratifying and reflects three years of hard work by its engineers
in partnership with China Mobile.


Marvell played leadership role in this important new
technology and Huawei was able to leverage the low-power and tiny efficient
design and versatility of Marvell’s TD-SCDMA solution to create a sleek and
ultra-thin smartphone aimed at millions of China Mobile customers.


“Marvell’s TD-SCDMA single chip solution was the
only semiconductor that offered the high-performance processing power and low
power consumption we required to deliver a powerful, stylish, multimedia TD
smartphone at the right price,” said Wang Yanmin, president of mobile
phone product line, Huawei.


Huawei’s T8300 is also equipped with Marvell’s latest
802.11n Wi-Fi solution and runs OMS 2.5, the newest Ophone operating system. It
features a 3.2 inch capacitive touchscreen, 720p video decoding and gravity,
light and proximity sensors.


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