Huawei launches Global Network Operations Centre in India

Huawei has launched its Global Network Operations Centre (GNOC) in Bangalore,
India, to provide business solutions in India and around the world.

Under the GNOC, Huawei will provide various facilities, technology,
applications, and resources for global Managed Services.

A GNOC is a Network Operation Centre (NOC) which operates multiple networks of
different countries in a centralized location. The GNOC off-shore manages multiple
networks to achieve economies of scale, efficient and quality operations.

“Huawei India GNOC is based on Huawei’s leading cloud solution. It will
simplify the end user’s experience as we aim to enhance the centre control of
the data & operation and provide flexible access points in GNOC. Under this
system, costs will be greatly reduced while the level of security, quality and
maintenance goes up,” said Max Yang, CEO, Huawei India.

Huawei operates more than 50 NOCs and 2 GNOCs and manages more than 56 networks
globally. Spread over 42,000 sq ft, the new Huawei India GNOC in Bangalore has
around 500 seats, 140000+ sites, and covers all kinds of technologies including
wireless, wire-line, transmission and adjunct. It has full sets of GNOC
functions available including Front Office, Back Office, Performance
Management, Operations Support, IS/IT.

“Huawei India GNOC will be major seeding ground for global resource competence
development. India as a source of English speaking engineers will provide the
human capital and organization capital to be utilized for worldwide operations.
This GNOC itself will be a knowledge capital for the Huawei Organization,”
said Yao Weimen, vice president, Corporate Affairs, Huawei India.

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