Huawei launches Tecal V2 servers with Intel Xeon E5-2600 inside

Telecom Lead Asia: Huawei has unveiled Tecal V2 servers
with Intel Xeon E5 processors inside.


The Chinese gear maker also showcased its complete
portfolio of Tecal servers, including rack, blade, datacenter servers and
application acceleration solutions that are to be launched in 2012.


With the help of Huawei’s unique design for sharing
architecture, X6000 and X8000 servers attain the best Energy Efficient Ratio.
Compared to rack mount, X6000 saves 5 percent energy and X8000 saves 10


Tecal V2 servers include rack mount server RH2288 V2,
high-performance blade server BH622 V2 , XH620 V2 and XH621 V2 nodes (for
high-density datacenter server X6000), DH620 V2 and DH621 V2 nodes (for green and
power efficient cabinet server X8000). Tecal V2 servers use the newest Intel
Xeon E5-2600 processors.


With a range of products including rack server, blade
server, high density and scalability data center server, Huawei server serve
for Top ISPs and other well-known enterprises all over the world. We have been
continuously developing and launching competitive products and solutions to
accelerate applications by innovation,” said Chen Shijun, general manager of
Huawei Server Product Domain.


Huawei Tecal servers receive ROHS (Restriction of
Hazardous Substances) Certificate and the first China’s Environmentally
Friendly Product Symbol Certificate. Tecal servers achieve compliance for given
environmental protection across its manufacturing, product usage and treatment


We are excited to see Huawei has been time-to-market
with our new Xeon processor E5 2600, which offers the leadership capabilities
to be the heart of flexible, efficient data centers. Intel and Huawei are
working together to support our customers while they are making transition to
cloud to increase IT responsiveness and agility in business operations,” said
Kit Ho Chee, general manager of Business Operations / Product Marketing / New
Business Development, Intel China.


With an overall-considered system level design and well
chosen components for power consumption control, they will help customer to
reduce operation expense and win commercial success.


Huawei claimed that Tecal RH2288 V2 is world’s first
2H-LRDIMM memory embraced rack mount server that is through whole-set
validation. It easily redoubles storage capacities. Tecal BH622 V2 blade server
supports up to 24 memory DIMMs. For the first time, it provides black box
function with built-in USB and TPM Encryption Card.


Huawei Enterprise launches new products targeting more


Recently, Huawei has launched multiple enterprise
products at CeBIT 2012. The new products will assist the Chinese gear maker to
increase revenue from enterprise business. Huawei Enterprise global sales
contracts totaled $3.8 billion in 2011, up from $2 billion in 2010.


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