Huawei on track to achieve $4 billion revenue in 2011 from Enterprise global contract sales

Huawei Enterprise’s contract sales revenue increased by
80 percent in H1 2011 compared to the same period last year.

The business group is on track to double its global
contract sales to $4 billion this year as it expands its global market share in
the enterprise space and achieves significant growth in strategic markets such
as North America and Europe,” said Louis Victor, Marketing Director of
Enterprise Contact Center at Huawei Enterprise.

Huawei Enterprise also plans to strengthen its leadership
position in Asia and place strong emphasis on markets such as the Middle East,
Russia and Brazil.

In the next five years, Huawei Enterprise business
group’s sales revenue is expected to reach $15 billion, accounting for 20
percent of Huawei’s total global revenues.

Huawei derives its revenue, which totaled $28 billion in
2010, mainly from network equipment sales, but has been actively marketing
consumer devices because of growing global demand for smartphones and tablet

According to a Reuters
report, Huawei expects its deals in the enterprise sector to total more than $7
billion by next year, banking on demand from key markets such as China.

Huawei will be tripling staff numbers at its enterprise
unit to about 30,000 in the next three years from 10,000 expected by the end of
this year. The enterprise unit provides equipment such as hubs, routers and
switches that run networks transferring data across corporations.

Huawei signed contracts worth $2 billion last year.
Huawei is betting on Cloud computing, a revolution in the IT sector offering
new opportunities in the enterprise sector.

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