Huawei plans to expand in Russia through strategic investment

Telecom Lead Asia: China’s leading telecom equipment
maker Huawei plans to expand its footprints in Russia through strategic


Speaking at the St. Petersburg International Economic
Forum, Huawei Founder and CEO, Ren Zhengfei said that Russia is one of
Huawei’s first international markets, and since entering Russia 15
years ago, the company has become a local corporate citizen and remains
confident in the country’s growth and development.


The company reckons that Russia is poised to
experience another golden age as the country possesses the talents and
resources necessary to advance its ICT industry.


“We should cherish this opportunity and increase our
investments in Russia to meet the demands of Russia’s national
strategy for developing its electronic information industry,” said Ren.


The company aims to build a harmonious business
environment and localized operations to support the advancement
of Russia’s ICT industry and increase its competitiveness.


Huawei has established an integrated industrial chain
in Russia and trained a large number of local talents through system
integrations, localized manufacturing and research and development.


Huawei projects that network traffic will grow by 75
times in the next 10 years, while mobile broadband traffic will grow by more
than 2,000 times. Ren said that key to the development of the telecoms industry
is the creation of data pipes that are wide enough to manage huge amounts of


Huawei sets up global telecom training center in Malaysia

Recently, Huawei established its global ICT training
center in Malaysia.


The first global ICT training centre of its kind outside
of China will position Malaysia as the venue for global professional training
in next generation ICT technologies.


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