Huawei Solid State Storage product achieves record speed

Telecom Lead Asia: Huawei said OceanStor Dorado5100, its
Solid State Storage (SSS) product, has recorded performance of 600,052.49 SPC-1
Input/Output operations per second (IOPSTM) with an average response time of
1.09 ms.


The record speed enables the Chinese ICT equipment maker
to establish Dorado5100 as a performance leader in the storage industry.


Dorado5100 is one of the critical products in Huawei’s
SSS strategy.


Huawei said the Dorado5100 adopts full-Solid State Disk
(SSD) architecture to meet the demanding storage performance requirements from
enterprise business systems.


As a full-SSD array featuring the top Input/Output (I/O)
speed, the Dorado5100 maximally meets the demanding storage requirements for
latency-sensitive services such as large-scale databases, high-performance
computing, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).


Moreover, the Dorado5100 helps data centers coordinate
internal data as quickly as possible to deliver immediate response and maximize
overall efficiency. Incorporating dual-controller full-redundancy architecture,
the Dorado5100 offers excellent data protection by eliminating single points of
failure and achieving up to millions of hours of Mean Time Between Failure
(MTBF), effectively safeguarding service continuity.


Fan Ruiqi, president of Huawei Storage Product Line, said
Huawei is committed to customer-centric technical innovation and its solutions
are designed to meet customer requirements. Combining Huawei’s intellectual
property rights with its storage expertise, it developed a suite of
comprehensive products.


Dorado5100 features flexibility and delivers customizable
services and technical support to enterprises. Benefiting from the high-speed
cache management and I/O scheduling algorithm, the Dorado5100 offers immediate
response in a complex computing environment and becomes an optimal choice for
key services such as large-scale On-Line Transaction Processing/On-Line Analytical
Processing (OLTP/OLAP) databases, finance, online transaction, and video


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