Huawei to launch multi-mode SON solution


Huawei announced the release of its industry first multi-mode SON
solution named SingleSON. The solution is capable of automatically managing
multi-mode and multi-layer networks, to improve O&M efficiency and ensure
smooth evolution to future technologies.

With the development of new mobile technologies, wide popularity of
smart devices, and increase in data usage, networks are becoming increasingly
complex. Of primary concern to all operators is the need to reduce the cost of
O&M and improve the efficiency.

“As the best business partner of operators, Huawei accepts this
challenge to reduce operation and maintenance costs together with our
customers. Huawei’s innovative SingleSON solution is committed to building a
self-organizing network which can realize self-configuration, self-optimization
and self-operation and support central or distributed deployment according to
different network scales,” said David Wang, president of Wireless Network
Product Line, Huawei.

SingleSON improves the efficiency of O&M throughout the network life
cycle, for example in the case of a breakdown, the time taken to resume service
is reduced from days to minutes. Adopting SingleSON enables the throughput at
the cell edge to be enhanced by 30 percent which ensures the same network
experience as users receive when they are in the cell center.

Huawei’s SingleSON is compatible with future-oriented technologies and
is capable of evolving to serve the future multi-mode heterogeneous network which
is composed of macro and micro base stations.

By Team
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