Huawei unveils green modular data centers

Huawei announced its next-generation green modular data center solutions for
cloud computing.

The modular IDS series has developed as a new trend in the construction of data
centers around the world.

Huawei’s next-generation intelligent data-center solution (IDS) series will
help customers realize on-demand access to IT resources and conduct business
operations efficiently. The series allows customers to avoid high capital
expenditure and operating expenses caused by increased power consumption.

“Together with our partners, Huawei is working on building a new
generation of data center infrastructures, featuring unified planning,
on-demand deployment, and low energy consumption. This new generation will help
customers reduce the cost of operation by more than 30 percent, ushering in a
new era in cloud computing,” said Hou Jinlong, president of Huawei’s
energy and infrastructure product line.

To meet the increased service requirements that will result from the predicted
increases in data usage globally, medium and large enterprises and operators
will need to fully realize the importance of rapid deployment of broadband
services and cloud-based data centers.

The challenge lies in how to successfully combine high-performance computing
and information processing with data center infrastructure to provide broadband
information services for enterprises, while also reducing their energy
consumption and costs.

Traditional data centers often fail to improve energy efficiency, expand
flexibly as a business grows, and implement intelligent system management

The IDS1000 was designed for the outdoors and does not require equipment rooms,
helping customers to reduce the construction phase from six months to two
months. In addition, the power consumption of the IDS1000 is 50 percent less
than that of traditional equipment rooms. It is suitable for locations that
experience temperature extremes. As a result, the IDS1000 can support disaster
relief, large events, and military operations.

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