Huawei’s ATAE Cluster solution promises 135% improvement in network capability

Telecom Lead Asia: Huawei’s Advanced Telecommunications Application Environment (ATAE) Cluster solution promises 135 percent improvement in network capability.

Huawei promises that using the new solution, network capability can be enhanced by 135 percent as operators can streamline their network management procedures. Moreover, the solution decreases required network space and energy needs by 75 percent, lowering overall operation costs and energy consumption.

The ATAE Cluster solution leverages the Operating Support System (OSS) management platform.

“The Cluster solution is a remarkable innovation because, not only does it provide centralized network management services, it also offers comprehensive support that enables efficient operations for network evolution, which will enhance user experience and overall quality of services,” said Jiang Wangcheng, president of Huawei Wireless Network for Operating Support System and Services.

Huawei’s customizable ATAE Cluster solution allows operators to deploy programmable blade boards Single Board Computers (SBCs) designed for Huawei’s integrated OSS software solutions. It supports centralized deployment of multi-technology products in one cabinet and one power source, which greatly reduces costs, as well as space needs, energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

The ATAE Cluster solution shortens delivery cycles and provides speedy services. It offers greater reliability with the ATAE board disaster recovery mechanism. Each ATAE board supports plug-and-play, enabling customers to have a smooth network evolution and expansion.

A leading UK operator deployed the ATAE Cluster solution in August 2012. Using a single cabinet and single frame for its OSS management platform, the network’s power consumption decreased by 75 percent, with occupied site space decreased by 75 percent, allowing for a 135 percent increase in management capabilities.

Huawei claims that network reliability also greatly increased due to the solution’s ATAE board disaster recovery mechanism. The perfect performance of the ATAE Cluster solution has won recognition from the operator.

More than 100 Huawei’s ATAE Cluster solutions have been deployed by operators in Europe and Asia-Pacific.

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