Hurricane Irene Impact: Nirvanix customers can move data to other locations for free


In response to the unprecedented mandatory evacuations in
New York City and the Eastern Seaboard due to the impending impact of Hurricane
Irene, Nirvanix, a provider of enterprise-class cloud storage services,
announced a new program that enables its customers currently storing data in
its Node 4 data center in New Jersey with the option of moving their data to
other locations in the Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network either on a temporary or
full-time basis free of charge.


All Nirvanix carrier-class data centers are fully
redundant, including diesel generator power backups and UPS to maintain full
power at all times even during rolling blackout periods to ensure the company’s
data centers are running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


However, for those customers seeking extra peace of mind,
Nirvanix is enabling customers to select where they would like their data to
specifically reside, at no additional cost. Data relocation options outside of
New Jersey include two data centers in the U.S. (Los Angeles and Dallas), one
in Frankfurt, Germany and one in Tokyo, Japan.


“We are standing by ready to assist our customers as
they face an unprecedented natural disaster which president Obama referred to
as a ‘historic hurricane’,” said Scott Genereux, president & CEO of


By storing their data in the Nirvanix cloud, customers
benefit from the transparent movement of data from one region to another with
no impact to their business operations. By making the shift from the physical
machine to the virtual cloud, customers have embraced a more agile and
adaptable business continuity strategy.


“For years we’ve been talking about anticipatory
staging of data around disasters and now the cloud is the ultimate realization
of that,” said David Vellante, president and co-founder of


The Wikibon community continues to document the business
importance of the cloud and in situations such as this, having access to
multiple data centers to move your data around is critical.


Without the cloud, a company with a single data center
would need to buy the equivalent amount of storage capacity, networking gear,
servers, replication and software licenses and find another data center to
power up, cool, and move all their data to. Clearly at a moment’s notice the
cloud provides companies with levels of flexibility that they never had
available with IT before.


Nirvanix recently
announced that Nirvanix Cloud Storage technology is integrated as a
storage tier for the latest edition of Symantec Enterprise Vault, an archiving


Enterprise Vault 10, scheduled to be available worldwide
in summer 2011, will include the ability to automatically archive social media
interactions from Facebook, Twitter, blogs, e-mail and instant messages for
compliance, eDiscovery and corporate governance purposes into the Nirvanix
enterprise-grade cloud for long-term archiving. This integration leverages
cloud economics to lower storage costs for both private and hybrid cloud


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