IBM helps Oracle clients move to IBM workload optimized systems


IBM announced that it launched a new migration program to
make it easier to transition to IBM workload optimized systems. Oracle clients
that make the switch can save up to 50 percent on applicable IT costs over
three to five years.


Clients using Oracle database and application server
software running on Sun, HP Itanium, or previous generation POWER servers, can
take advantage of a complimentary savings assessment, detailed migration plan,
skills training, and special financing when moving to IBM DB2 and WebSphere
software on the latest IBM Systems and Storage.


The Stop, Think, and Save program comes at a time when
Oracle clients are looking for relief from the company’s high software and
hardware maintenance costs, restrictive licensing and support practices, and
uncertainty around Sun SPARC and HP Itanium server roadmaps.  


The new program includes: Complimentary savings
assessment that shows estimated cost savings and performance improvements when
moving Oracle environments to IBM hardware and software.  


It also includes a detailed migration plan created by IBM
technologists who have experience in helping thousands of clients make the


Competitive pricing that includes migration services,
training, and applicable IBM Systems and maintenance, IBM Software licenses,
and subscription and support.


To help clients further reduce IT costs and migrate to an
IBM platform, credit-qualified clients can take advantage of zero percent
financing on IBM hardware and software from IBM Global Financing, the lending
and leasing arm of IBM. Or, clients may choose to finance their IT acquisition
and defer payments for up to six months.  

More clients are moving away from Oracle software and
hardware to IBM workload optimized systems in order to lower their IT costs and
fuel innovation. In 2010 alone, more than 1,000 Oracle Database clients chose
DB2 instead, and more than 400 Oracle WebLogic clients chose WebSphere.


Recently, IBM announced that Escorts Group, one of India’s engineering conglomerates,
is adopting
IBM‘s smarter computing approach to information technology.


Through an agreement with IBM, Escorts Group
will receive a workload-optimized hardware solution to replace the company’s
existing ERP system infrastructure. The advanced systems will provide enhanced
performance and compliment the company’s business growth goals of lowering overall
IT operating costs. 


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