IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and Software AG lead global enterprise service bus (ESB) suites market


Telecom Lead Team:
research firm Research and Markets reveals that the global enterprise
service bus (ESB) suites market space is being dominated by the key vendors
such as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and Software AG.


The research firm predicts that the global ESB suites
market is set to reach US$3.3 Billion By 2014, as demand for business process
automation is surging.


The Global ESB Suites market has also been witnessing
potential growth from the Small and Medium-sized Business segment. However,
complex IT infrastructure of large enterprises poses the biggest challenge in
the adoption of ESB suites.


One of the main drivers of the Global ESB Suites market
is the need for business process automation,” said an analyst from TechNavio’s
Enterprise Computing team.


According to the report, the global ESB Suites market
will witness growing demand from different sectors such as Banking &
Finance, Telecommunications, Government, and others such as Manufacturing,
Retail, and Oil and Gas.


The Banking sector is considered as an early adopter of
technology and is known for investing strongly in IT. Also, the
Telecommunication sector follows banking and finance sector very closely in
terms of penetration and technology development regarding ESB suites.


ESB suites enable companies within or across
organizational boundaries to blend and organize automated business processes by
exchanging business documents such as purchase orders and invoices etc. between
disparate applications.


Furthermore, the major feature of ESBs is to bring about
information which is stored in existing back-end applications and data stores
for use by new business service applications.

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