ICICI Bank taps tablets to improve customer experience

Telecom Lead India: ICICI Bank announced a series of
technology initiative to improve customer experience. Tablets will be widely


ICICI Bank has launched Tab Banking in nine locations.
Using a tablet equipped with mobile connectivity, ICICI executive can scan the
KYC documents and click a picture of the customer. It offers immediate response
and resolution to a customer’s queries.


ICICI Bank’s Help-on-Tab facility will allow its branch
staff to pre process customers’ transactions while the customers are waiting to
get serviced in the branch. It will create a Self-Service ecosystem that will
reduce the servicing time for customers. The tablet will be enabled with
in-built Wi-Fi connectivity, which will make it mobile and easy to operate.


Chanda Kochhar, managing director and CEO of ICICI, said
the bank hase always leveraged technology to make banking convenient and
enhance the customer experience.


As part of strengthening its presence, ICICI Bank has
launched 25 24×7 electronic branches in 18 locations.


The electronic branch offers cheque deposit machine,
interactive kiosk through which internet banking services can be accessed by
swiping a debit card, a cash deposit machine with instant credit facility and
24-hour video conferencing with ICICI Bank’s customer care personnel.


ICICI Bank’s Bank-on-the-Move will be a POS terminal with
an in-built GPRS and Wi-Fi connectivity to carry out various banking
transactions in remote locations. This will allow customers to avail various
services like instant deposit and withdrawal of cash along with receipts for
the same, print out of account summary, opening a fixed deposit, issuing a
demand draft and a host of other services.


ICICI Bank said E-Locker is a virtual online locker,
which is available on the ICICI Bank internet banking platform. The E-Locker
can be used to safely store electronically scanned copies of important
documents like legal agreements, policy documents, degree certificates and bank
statements in various formats. The facility serves as a backup and retrieval
tool for important documents and offers a storage space of 1 GB per customer.
The E-Locker can be availed at no additional cost by our wealth customers.


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