IDT unveils Gen 3 PCI Express Switch for SSD storage arrays and cloud computing apps

Integrated Device Technology (IDT) announced that it has
released the world’s highest performance family of Gen 3 PCI Express (PCIe)
switches targeted at solid-state drive (SSD) storage arrays and cloud computing

The new family of switches builds upon IDT’s leadership
in high-performance, scalable PCIe Gen 1 and Gen 2 switches, supporting a
capacity up to 64 lanes and 16 ports with additional protocol enhancements for
improved efficiency and reduced power consumption.

IDT’s 89H64H16G3 is a 64-lane, 16-port Gen 3 PCIe switch,
capable of up to 128 Gigabytes per second (GBps) switching capacity – the
highest in the industry, making it the most scalable and highest-performance
single-chip Gen 3 PCI Express solution on the market.

The device conforms to the latest Gen3 PCIe specification
providing 8Gbps link speed to enable the fastest PCIe connectivity possible for
next generation enterprise server and storage systems.

Added Gen 3 protocol enhancements improve overall
efficiency and reduce power consumption, a critical factor for energy-conscious
enterprise and cloud computing data centers. The device has been sampling to
IDT’s lead customers for several months.

The future of Cloud Computing and PCIe SSDs rely on the
advancements of PCI Express technology. As the leader in PCIe solutions, our
customers rely on IDT to deliver the cutting-edge ICs needed to support their
next generation designs,” said Kam Eshghi, sr. director of Marketing for the
Enterprise Computing Division at IDT.

Our latest PCIe Gen 3 switches build upon our industry-leading
portfolio of PCIe solutions and complement the industry’s first PCIe Gen 3
signal conditioning re-timers that IDT announced last November,” Eshghi added.

IDT continues to be a strong contributor to the PCIe
ecosystem,” said Jim Pappas, director of Technology Initiatives, Intel

As the demand for enterprise storage and computing
hardware grows, PCI Express will continue to be a critical system interconnect
protocol. Intel is encouraged to see IDT’s growing portfolio of PCIe Gen 3
switches and retimers,” Pappas added.

The new family of IDT switches
also includes clock isolation, offering the ability to operate with independent
spread spectrum clocks (SSCs), as well as multicast for a significant gain in
performance. Moreover, the switch incorporates a multi-root partitioning
feature that allows designers to reduce system cost by replacing multiple PCIe
switches with a single monolithic solution.

Integrated Device Technology recently announced that it intends to sell its Hillsboro, Oregon wafer fabrication facility and
related assets to Alpha and Omega Semiconductor.

Under a foundry service arrangement with IDT, AOS has the
option to acquire the wafer fabrication facility and related assets for $26
million. The anticipated sale is subject to the execution of a definitive asset
purchase agreement with customary closing conditions between AOS and IDT. If
the transaction proceeds according to plan, IDT estimates the parties would
enter into an asset purchase agreement by the end of calendar year 2011 and the
transaction would close by the end of January 31, 2012.

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