impreMedia unveils Club Digital


To help close the digital divide that disproportionately
affects Hispanic families in America, impreMedia is launching Club Digital, the
nation’s most comprehensive bilingual, multimedia Internet training program.


Club Digital’s summer pilot program will reach nearly
three million Hispanics in California. The program launches August 1st with an
extensive 30-day multimedia Internet training program in select impreMedia
publications, including La Opinion, La Opinion Contigo and El
Mensajero, and a network of community-based partnerships.


Club Digital will provide a free opportunity for
Californians to learn basic Internet skills. The program also includes an
interactive bilingual website, updated daily throughout
August with new training lessons.


Going online is a fast and easy way to find benefits
that not only save money, but also transform lives. It’s all there for the
taking, whether we are talking about job listings, scholarships for college
students, educational opportunities, medical resources or government services,”
said Monica Lozano, publisher and chief executive officer, impreMedia.


Training lessons will cover a range of topics including
Internet basics, Internet safety, online employment, education and health care
opportunities. All lessons will be available on Club Digital’s bilingual
website with many lessons accompanied by entertaining step-by-step instructional


Without access to the Internet and basic computer
skills, millions of Californians remain at a competitive disadvantage in the
job market,” said Antonio Villaraigosa, mayor, Los Angeles.


I am proud to support a program that empowers the people
who remain on the wrong side of the Digital Divide by giving them the tools
they need to take the first step into the digital age,” Villaraigosa added.


While the adoption of broadband technology is steadily
expanding across the nation and in California, and people increasingly use cell
phones to go online, there are still vast differences among various ethnic and
socio-economic groups, according to a 2011 statewide survey on Californians and
Internet Technology by the Public Policy Institute of California.


We want to connect all Californians, especially the
underserved, to the resources of the Internet. Together we can work to close
the Digital Divide and ensure no one is left behind,” said Sunne Wright McPeak,
president and CEO of the California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF).


Club Digital has been made possible through a partnership
with impreMedia, AT&T, CETF, and Dewey Square Group.


The California pilot program is the first step in a
nationwide campaign. Club Digital will expand nationally in January 2012, and
will reach more than 9.4 million Hispanics across several major U.S. cities.


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