Improved device security drives mobility management solution deployment in enterprises


Enterprises are taking a slow and measured approach to
deploying mobility management (MM) solutions while watching the early adopters
to see if true cost savings and enhanced business operations can be realized,
according to Voice Report, a publication of CCMI.


The report, Mobility Management in the Enterprise
Environment,” was based on a survey of 150 executives with telecommunications
decision-making responsibilities and conducted by Voice Report in conjunction
with BizTechReports, an independent reporting
agency that covers enterprise technology trends.


Only 33 percent of the companies represented are
currently using an enterprise-wide solution for mobility management.


Of those not currently using a MM solution, nearly 40
percent say they’re waiting to see how MM solutions work for other enterprises,
and 37 percent report concerns about the administrative burdens of implementing
such solutions.


30 percent of respondents almost the entire segment
currently using MM solutions reveal gaining some level of wireless cost savings
since implementing MM. The top two objectives for deploying MM solutions are
expense management and improving mobile device security, according to


26 percent indicate that their organizations operate
their own in-house MM system and 56 percent report that their organizations
currently manage more than 500 mobile devices, and 32 percent manage more than
2,500 devices.


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