Imtac iCT Presents ICT HEALTH 2011 India


Imtac iCT, a provider of
smart and integrated clinical technology solutions, organized the inaugural
edition of ICT HEALTH 2011 in India.

The event saw
participation by over 80 representatives from healthcare ICT community across
the country. The event delegates included national selection of healthcare
domain experts, global technology leaders, healthcare providers, ICT solution
providers, insurance companies and other stakeholders.

ICT HEALTH 2011 is an industry
networking initiative aimed at bringing together the medical community and ICT
sector, to enable improved, safe and affordable healthcare in India. It was
focused on empowering the participants with enriched and intellectually
stimulating experience on the potential benefits of smart investments in
Information and Communication Technology. The event also served as a forum for
industry representatives to share and discuss industry trends, product
innovations, and best-practices.


The keynote addresses
were delivered by some of the industry luminaries and highlighted the latest
concepts in healthcare ICT. Satish Kini, COO, Nation Building Projects of
PANIIT Alumni India, talked about the convergence of healthcare, governance and
ICT in delivering better quality, accessible, patient sensitive and affordable

I am very happy that ICT Health has
taken this initiative to raise relevant issues which plague Indian healthcare
sector and make it one of the worst in the world,” said Satish Kini, chief operations officer – Nation Building Projects of
PANIIT Alumni India.

While we have islands of efficiency
and hospitals and doctors which are as good as the best in the advanced world,
the fact is that our Healthcare sector (including Private and Public sector)
has failed to deliver on its promises to the Indian population at large. It is
time for all stakeholders and leaders of  Healthcare to work together in a
holistic manner an adopt out of the box innovative solutions of delivery models
and business models  which are  possible due to  new
technologies  and do not exist anywhere in the world,” Kini added.


The event featured a
broad range of industry relevant keynotes and a roundtable comprising of senior
industry professionals, and delved on the practical solutions of Healthcare ICT
deployment issues in India
and its implications.

S.B. Gogia, chairperson
of working Group of Telehealth, IMIA outlined the common pitfalls and critical
success factors of an effective ICT deployment strategy. The highlight of the
event was the session by Gautam Dey, Group CEO, Imtac iCT on Integrated Health
Networks – Facebook for Healthcare.

ICT HEALTH 2011 also featured a live
demonstration of an Integrated Healthcare Enterprise using the latest cutting
edge technologies.


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