India SMBs interest in infrastructure as a service is on the rise

Small and medium businesses in India are
gradually becoming aware of and interested in Infrastructure as a Service

Data storage/back up, servers and virus
protection, spam filtering or other security solutions are the main focus of
this increased interest, according to AMI’s  study 2011 India SMB State of
the Cloud Market Overview.

“Though nascent, the IaaS market in India
is gathering steam. The time is right for vendors and partners to invest in
educating India SMBs on the role and usage of cloud services,” said Rati Ghose,
director – Market Insights, at AMI.

IaaS adoption will be driven by several
factors. The benefits of using Cloud services will percolate down gradually as
the availability of reliable and affordable broadband continues to improve and
as service providers continue to feature these services.

The ease of usage and maintenance that IaaS
offers India SMBs is a trigger to adoption. Routine tasks of maintenance such
as backups being taken care of by cloud service providers ensure that these
SMBs do not have to maintain this type of solution allowing these employees to
concentrate on more mission critical issues.

Especially in the case of India SMBs, the
partners need to be cognizant of the organization’s business road map and gauge
where they can use IaaS in a cost-efficient manner and yield best results. For
any IaaS engagement to be truly successful, the experience, infrastructure and
user-friendly approach of the service provider are critical.

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