Indian enterprises focus on cloud computing for data protection plans

Businesses in India are increasingly using cloud
computing as a key component of their data protection plans, according to a
survey by CA Technologies. 

53 percent say that within the next year, cloud will play
an important part of their disaster recovery and data protection
strategies.  The results show that as the adoption of cloud becomes more
widespread, companies are beginning to appreciate that cloud resources offer a
solution for business continuity.

Of the 201 organizations surveyed across India nearly all
(94 percent) have seen their data protection budgets remain flat or increase
from 2010 to 2011, with 67 percent enjoying increased investment.  The
research explored where these budgets will be directed over the coming year,
and the findings again underscored the importance of cloud computing. 

Over half of companies (59 percent) will focus investment
on managing a hybrid cloud environment, where private clouds are supplemented with
access to resources in public clouds. 30 percent plan to invest in using public
cloud as a backup solution, similarly 25 percent companies will also focus on
better protection of their private cloud.  

The research we’ve released today is really encouraging – increasing numbers of companies plan to use cloud as part of their business
continuity strategy,” said Chris Ross, vice
president EMEA & Asia-Pacific, CA Technologies Data Management CSU

We’re seeing lots of businesses use the cloud for
offsite back-up and disaster recovery purposes and the survey indicates that
many are now looking to a more sophisticated hybrid cloud model too.  This
highlights the need for a solution that allows them to evolve their data
protection strategy at their own pace – whether it be new on-premise
technology, using cloud as backup medium or moving to a more complex hybrid
cloud model,” Ross added.

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