Indian IT professionals say bring your own device trend increases risk : ISACA survey




India is one of the fastest growing mobile
markets in the world and the domestic mobile phone market is increasingly
moving towards smartphones. According to the India edition of the
ISACA study.


More than half of IT professionals in India
believe that the risk resulting from employees’ use of personal mobile devices
for work activities outweighs the benefits.


Nearly sixty percent of IT professionals in
India say that their enterprise prohibits employees from accessing social media
web sites from work-supplied devices.


Thirty eight percent limit the use of
work-supplied mobile devices for personal use and 45 percent prohibit employees
from shopping online using a work-supplied device, according to an ISACA study.


Majority of the surveyed respondents say
employees will spend at least 2-4 hours shopping online during work hours, and
more than 56 percent say employees will spend 6 hours or more.


Fifty six percent of IT professionals in
India believe their enterprise loses between INR 50,000 and INR 250,000 per
employee who shops online during work hours using work-supplied computers or


To minimize the costly risk associated with
online shopping, 52 percent of the polled companies prohibit the use of work
e-mail addresses for personal online shopping and about 56 percent have a
security policy that covers mobile devices.


Additionally, 70 percent of the
organizations provide training on the policy and 68 percent have technology in
place to protect against web-based attacks.


“As companies increasingly provide
employees with laptops and smartphones””and as others increasingly allow
employees to use their own devices at work”” work and personal activities
continue to blur and risk increases. This results in a increasing risk to the
enterprise because of the danger that cookies and other tools used by online
sites for gathering information could be potentially be gathering other
information from the systems,” said Niraj Kapasi, IT auditor and chair of
ISACA’s India Task Force.


While the use of applications with
geolocation is increasing, 41 percent of respondents in India say their
enterprises don’t provide security guidance on it.


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