India’s mobile workforce to explode in four years

India’s mobile workforce will grow 53 percent over next 4
years to reach 205 million by 2015. Out of which 65 percent will be equipped
with smart mobile devices.

However, enterprise adoption of mobile strategies is
still at a nascent stage, according to Springboard Research.

today’s consumers becoming increasingly mobile and well informed, enterprises
must follow suit.
A mobile enterprise can experience a range of
business benefits including operational efficiency and enhanced customer
interaction and engagement. The resulting upside in productivity, revenue and
market share cannot be ignored by Indian CXOs.

We are in the post-PC era where the most important apps
are being developed on mobile platforms first. Sales, customer service,
marketing, finance, HR teams need access to real time information to meet the
demands of today’s business environment,” said Steve McWhirter, SVP, Enterprise Sales, Asia Pacific.

Salesforce Mobile and Chatter Mobile keep customers
connected to  people, data, records,  and dashboards — straight from
today’s most popular mobile devices including the iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and
Android,”  McWhirter added.

Today’s new environment is characterized by social
media, smart devices and instant conversations. This changed backdrop demands
that we have access to real time data to seize business opportunities
on-the-go.  Salesforce Mobile offers us that flexibility,” said Narasimha
Subrahmanian, managing director, Essae Technologys. 

Our field sales and service executives access customer
data, record daily activities, enter new leads, opportunities, service logs and
access the accounts/contacts database from anywhere using Salesforce Mobile
enabled Blackberrys. We are able to respond to any situation effectively as
updates on team activities, dashboards and customer insights are available on
finger tips, ultimately strengthening our relationship with customers,” 
Subrahmanian added.

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