Indigo SMS Offers Private and Secured Text Messaging For Users

Aumne announced the availability of Indigo Secure SMS to U.S. and international customers. Indigo SMS is a private and secure upgrade to standard text messaging applications.
Business users, families, and individuals can now send even the most sensitive information via SMS without the fear of their text messages ending up in the wrong hands.

Indigo SMS application  is installed on both the sender and recipient’s phones. When a secure message is sent, Indigo SMS on the sender’s phone scrambles the text and sends the message as a regular SMS. Indigo SMS on the recipient’s phone decrypts and displays the message.


Aumne uses no servers in the process and holds no private data; scrambled text is sent as a regular SMS using the customer’s mobile carrier network. Indigo SMS is currently supported on Blackberry (RIM), Symbian, Windows Mobile, and J2ME platforms. Android OS will be supported soon.


Indigo SMS’s “Auto-Delete” feature automatically deletes the message after the recipient has read the message preventing them from saving the message on their phones or forwarding the message to others. A password lock to the application protects personal text messages from casual or intentional snooping when the phone is left unattended.
Indigo SMS is not only for privacy-conscious SMS users, but for anyone who wants to avoid the anxiety of knowing that someone can access the text messages on their phone if the device is lost, stolen, or phone spy software is installed on their devices without their knowledge. Indigo SMS also allows for a “Remote Data Wipe” of all message content if necessary.

Most phones save SMS messages on the SIM cards; if the device is lost or stolen, someone can access the text messages. There are applications that can even recover deleted SMS messages from SIM cards. With Indigo SMS, they will be stored as scrambled text that only the application can decrypt.

Typical users don’t use the password protection feature on their phones for convenience or set it to lock after a long period of inactivity. Others are afraid that the device could be wiped due to the limit on password attempts because a friend or family member tried too many times,” said Surya Kalavagunta, president and CEO of Aumne. Even users who feel that they don’t need to encrypt their SMS messages because they always keep their phones in sight should consider Indigo SMS.”

Recently, Aumne was selected by Telekom Srbija, a major wireless provider in Serbia to bring private and secure SMS service to its subscribers.

For a limited time, mobile subscribers can get Indigo SMS free for a year by visiting . Download, installation, and activation can be completed by sending your requests via text messages to the phone number provided on the site. After the promotional offer expires, the free trial will be limited to 30 days.

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