Informatica selects iPass Open Mobile for global corporate Wi-Fi access

Telecom Lead America: iPass, a global provider of Wi-Fi
and enterprise mobility services announced that Informatica Corporation,
an independent provider of data integration software, has selected the iPass
Open Mobile service for seamless Wi-Fi connectivity for its workforce.


On the selection of iPass open Mobile service,
Informatica’s senior vice president and chief information officer Tony Young
said, “our interest in iPass Open Mobile lies in its ability to keep our
global workforce securely and cost-effectively connected. We live in a time
where the ability to connect and respond is essential in a global


iPass Open Mobile provides access to the world’s largest
commercial Wi-Fi network of over 780,000 hotspots including in-flight
Internet and far more hotels, airports, and business venues than any other


“With iPass Open Mobile, Informatica is able to
deliver its own company-wide enterprise mobility service uniquely tailored to
meet the requirements of its global workforce. By simplifying a fragmented user
experience across multiple platforms and devices such as laptops, smartphones
and iPads; enterprises can keep employees well connected and productive without
compromising security,” said Christophe Culine, senior vice president of
worldwide sales at Informatica.


The company said that iPass Open Mobile enables
organizations to provide mobile employees with seamless connectivity to the
commercial Wi-Fi network, providing a consistent user experience across
smartphones, tablets and laptops while avoiding costly roaming charges and
expensive Wi-Fi day passes.


iPass unveils new version of Open Mobile for the iPad


Recently, iPass announced a new version of iPass
Open Mobile, which is optimized to take advantage of the higher resolution and
user interface of the iPad.


With this iPad-optimized version of Open Mobile,
employees can take advantage of at-a-glance dashboard that provides a view
of current connection status, historic data usage and previous connections.


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