Infosys announces new performance benchmark results for Finacle e-banking solution on Oracle platform

By Telecom Lead Team: Infosys
announced results of a performance benchmark for Finacle e-banking solution
(version 10.3) on the Oracle platform.

The benchmark measured the online processing window, loaded with
33,000+ concurrent users, on a large retail banking deployment consisting of 26
million registered users and 46 million accounts.

In the
benchmark, reviewed by Ernst & Young, two key tests for online and batch
processing were undertaken to demonstrate the ability of Finacle e-banking
solution. The online benchmark results demonstrate that a bank can perform more
than 550,000 online transactions and support more than 2.8 million web page
visits within 30 minutes.


This benchmark
highlights that the solution can meet high scalability requirements and user
load while still ensuring efficient service delivery on the channel.

During this benchmark, the solution supported more than 195,000
user log on within a 30 minute window delivering sub-second average response
time. The transaction workload mix consisted of viewing balance summaries, fund
transfers, payments, account transaction histories and making credit card

Finacle processed this multi-transaction mix without any loss of
speed or quality of service. The benchmark, which also measured the solution’s
batch processing rates for two typical payment processes, highlighted
throughput of 899 and 549 records per second, respectively, for the
two batch jobs.


In today’s banking, internet will play a major role to acquire,
retain and service customers. Finacle has constantly evolved to meet the
demands and expectations of the new-age banks. The new benchmarks in
scalability and agility, set by Finacle e-banking solution, are a direct result
of our unwavering focus on product innovation. Aggressive R&D investments
have honed the evolution of the solution’s superior architecture and design to
deliver the speedy business outcome that our clients demand,” said Haragopal
Mangipudi, global head, Finacle, Infosys.


The systems under test included Oracle’s SPARC T3-1 and T3-2
servers for the Web and application tiers, with Finacle e-banking solution
deployed on multi-node Websphere application server cluster. At the back-end,
Oracle Database 11g was deployed onOracle’s SPARC Enterprise
M-Series system with the latest quad-core SPARC64 VII+ 3.0 GHz processors.
During the benchmark runs, Finacle e-banking solution was deployed in a
virtualized environment using the Oracle Solaris Zones feature of Oracle
Solaris. The hardware configuration used to achieve these results not only
supports peak performance in the most demanding banking environment but also
allows sufficient spare server capacity to address future needs.


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