Infosys BPO launches Alternative Delivery Model as part of its BPO strategy

Infosys BPO has launched its Alternative Delivery Model BPO strategy at Kaup in

Kris Gopalakrishnan, executive co-chairman, Infosys and Swami Swaminathan, CEO
and MD, Infosys BPO, launched the Alternative Delivery Model and inaugurated
the HR shared services operation in collaboration with Infosys BPO’s service
partner, Desicrew.

The focus areas of this Alternative Delivery Model include providing the next
frontier in flexibility and competitiveness for clients, enhancing the ability
to create a competitive model for outsourcing and creating a sustainable model
to access and provide long term career options for BPO talent in India.

Our success in establishing and commencing live servicefrom a Tier 4 town in
India, based on a model of  collaboration with an outsourced service
provider, reiterates our long-term vision and commitment to rural BPO,” said
Kris Gopalakrishnan, executive co-chairman, Infosys.

Over the last few years, Infosys BPO has invested extensive time and effort
towards continually evolving its operating models. Subsequent to constant
introspection on its delivery model, and regular analysis of the business
landscape of clients, Infosys decided to enhance delivery capabilities in Tier
3 and Tier 4 towns through partnerships with service providers.

“We expect this model to play a huge role in accessing and retaining BPO
talent in India. We have established a network of partnerships with service
providers such as Desicrew andother firms to enable us to do the same,” said
Swami Swaminathan, CEO and MD, Infosys BPO.

Infosys BPO expects this model to play an important role in delivering value to
its clients based on their changing needs. The company also expects this model
to significantly accelerate access to talent that may not be geographically
mobile. Besides, the talent pool in these towns will hugely benefit by learning
about and working on world-class processes and technologies, enabling them to
build a ‘Career for Life’ in the BPO industry.

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