Infratel launches a Cloud-based telephony service for small businesses

Infratel, a provider of telephony services for the small
business market, announced the launch of Infra Cloud Receptionist, a
Cloud-based telephony service that arms small businesses with a more
professional and connected approach to incoming calls using their own 1-800
number and existing landline and mobile phones.

The new service provides a virtual front-office phone
system that gives small businesses the ability to remain responsive and
professional even when employees are unavailable to take every call. 

A web-based interface provides customers with easy-to-use
controls giving them access to everything they need to manage incoming calls,
freeing their time to be spent on business objectives rather than IT

“We are enabling hosting companies to deliver a
solution that provides their SMB customers a professional phone
presence. This phone presence complements their professional web presence
and can be bundled to create value for the SMB and stickiness for the
hoster,” said Craig Ball, head of sales for Infratel’s

North American operations.

“Only 50 percent of all SMBs in the U.S. currently
use a PBX system, and only seven percent are tapping the benefits of a hosted
or virtual solution.  We believe our solution will help SMBs project the
professional image they desire without all the cost and complexity normally
associated with PBX and hosted systems,” Ball added.

At launch, Infra Cloud Receptionist will offer three
separate tiers of service and pricing including: a Starter package that’s
priced at $9.99 per month, the Growing package at $29.99 per month and the
Bustling package at $99.99 per month.

Infratel is taking a unique position by partnering with
cloud service enablement leader Parallels to offer Infra Cloud Receptionist to
customers via thousands of cloud service providers. 

“Small businesses have become extremely savvy about
the cost and service benefits of hosted solutions and are increasingly looking
to cloud service providers for new offerings,” said John Zanni, vice
president of service provider alliances and marketing at Parallels. 

“Small business owners come to us for solutions that
enable them to reduce existing overhead costs. Infra Call Receptionist provides
a win-win as it not only brings down their costs but also delivers
higher-quality telephony presence,” said Martin Robson, CEO at Robson

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