Inmarsat selects Hughes to develop new BGAN M2M terminal

a provider of global mobile satellite communications services, announced that
it selected Hughes Network Systems to develop a new machine-to-machine (M2M)
terminal for its BGAN service.

Hughes, a market leader in
the M2M sector, will develop the new 9502 BGAN M2M terminal by building on its
successful 9201-M2M platform.  

believe there is significant appetite in a number of markets globally for a
low-cost stable platform to support short-burst data and the increased
connectivity needed in fixed monitoring applications,” said Drew Brandy, director of Land Services at Inmarsat.

specific opportunity we will target is the smart grid initiative in the energy
sector, with its requirement for data connectivity and information sharing across
widely dispersed infrastructures. But there are a number of other markets with
a similar need for IP-based real-time cost-effective visibility across their
operations,” Brandy added.

BGAN M2M service will offer an end-to-end IP data capability for real-time
applications including smart metering, SCADA, monitoring and other
infrastructure telemetry solutions.  Planned for launch in Q1 2012,
Inmarsat will
target the low-cost M2M service at the utilities, oil & gas, and retail
banking markets.

is proud to be selected by Inmarsat to develop the new 9502 BGAN M2M terminal,
building on our successful 9201-M2M product,” said Graham
, vice president and general manager of Hughes San Diego.

combination of reliable connectivity to unattended remote sites, a global
service area, and an end-to-end IP based data path makes this an ideal solution
for a wide array of machine-to-machine communication needs,” Avis added.

has been a developer and manufacturer of terminals for the award-winning BGAN
service since its launch in 2005, with several successful portable and
vehicular models in its portfolio.

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