Intel-GE targets social isolation in older adults

Intel-GE Care Innovations announced Care Innovations
Connect, a new product designed to address social isolation in older adults.


Developed in partnership with seniors and senior service
providers, Connect helps professional caregivers monitor the changing needs of
seniors while giving older adults the tools that help them build ties to their Intel-GE
targets social isolation in older adults


communities and avoid social isolation and loneliness.


Care Innovations Connect includes an easy-to-use digital
device that serves as a wellness communication tool and social networking hub.


The result of ten years of in-depth user research,
Connect is a customizable offering that combines a range of wellness surveys,
brain fitness games, medication compliance reminders, and simple social
networking tools for seniors to help them go digital” and proactively engage
in their physical, social and mental health.


Research has shown that loneliness, as a health risk
factor, is twice as detrimental as being obese, and equal to the risk of
smoking cigarettes and alcoholism,” said Louis Burns, chief executive officer,
Care Innovations.


With Connect, we’re helping senior service providers
overcome this issue by helping them identify major health deterioration in
their members, while enabling seniors to stay engaged and live more socially
connected lives,” Burns added.


The Connect system includes both an in-home digital
device for seniors and an online portal where the professional caregiver can
customize content for each member, including: wellness surveys, access to
wellness data, and community information.


By giving staff a tool to quickly assess individual
wellness, Connect drives operational efficiency and improves quality of service
with proactive, consistent, tailored care.


Recent data shows that one of the biggest obstacles to
successful care in senior living communities is members’ lack of information
about available social services and the inability to easily socialize with


Connect overcomes this obstacle by proactively sharing
information about available services, enabling seniors to connect with one
another and build communities. In addition, innovative software lets
professional caregivers customize wellness surveys for seniors so that they can
proactively identify potential issues.


Technology is one of LeadingAge’s Five Big Ideas to help
empower people to live fully as they age” said Larry Minnix, president and
chief executive officer of LeadingAge.


Through collaborations between technology developers,
aging services providers, and, most importantly, the seniors that we serve,
together we can develop innovative technology solutions and deliver them into
the homes of older adults to help them to maintain their health, happiness and
independence,” Minnix added.


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