Internet connected cars to cross 90 million by 2016

Telecom Lead Asia: The number of Internet connected cars
will touch 92 million by 2016 as the integration of the smartphone into
consumer vehicles will become a standard on new models.

New protocols such as MirrorLink from the Connected Car
Consortium will assist automotive manufacturers like Mercedes and Toyota to
follow Ford in launching technology which allows the smartphone to become hub,
enabling mobile internet, smartphone app and content access across the range of
vehicles that they sell.

Integrating the smartphone into consumer cars represents
a new route for the mobile Internet and infotainment to enter the vehicle,
according to Juniper Research report author Anthony Cox.

The report notes that the main inhibitor for this form of
telematics will be limited growth in the automotive market over the next five
years, particularly in developed regions.

Commercial telematics is seeing sustained take-up, driven
by its promise of increasing driver efficiency and managing costs.

Regulatory initiatives such as the eCall driver safety
project and Brazil’s regulation 245 governing stolen vehicles will boost
telematics take-up in some geographical regions.

Though several insurance companies are trialling the
technology, insurance telematics remains in its infancy with most widespread
commercial roll-outs not happening until at least 2014.

In the commercial telematics market, an increasing level
of sophistication as fleet managers use telematics to increase fleet
efficiency, comply with regulations and monitor driver behaviour. Players are
also leveraging the power of the cloud and internet portals to enhance the
services they offer.

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