iPass unveils Open Mobile 2.0 enterprise mobility services

Open Mobile Platform Serves as Gateway to the Cloud, With Enhanced Device
Security Verification, Usage Alerts and Controls for Laptops, Smartphones and

a provider of mobility services for enterprises and service providers,
announced the launch of iPass Open Mobile 2.0.

latest Open Mobile platform serves as a gateway to the Cloud, with a new
generation of enterprise mobility services, providing businesses and their
mobile employees with frictionless connectivity that does not compromise
security or escalate telecommunication costs.

Open Mobile 2.0 enables enterprises to deliver and manage remote and mobile
access across their workforce.

Mobile provides visibility into device mobility usage on a granular, department
or company-wide level so that various policies can be put into operation simply
across networks and devices. Open Mobile also provides broadband access to more
than 600,000 Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide.

and IT executives need support for more effective management and control of
mobile devices as managing an enterprise mobility strategy is a constantly
moving target. With iPass Open Mobile 2.0, IT departments can provide employees
frictionless access to be well connected while addressing visibility, cost and
control challenges that are overwhelming many enterprises currently,” said
Barbara Nelson, chief technology officer at iPass.

the same time, when mobile workers are well connected, they are more productive
everywhere. An effective enterprise mobility strategy aligns closely with a
company’s core objectives to provide tangible results by connecting mobile
workers with access whenever, wherever and on whatever device they choose,”
Nelson added.

need to ensure that mobile employees can access the always-on experience, as
mobility is a key part of a successful enterprise strategy,” said Andrew
Brown, Strategy Analytics director for Wireless Enterprise Strategies.

By Telecomlead.com Team
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