IPVanish VPN unveils new Virtual Private Network service worldwide

Telecom Lead India: IPVanish, a provider of Virtual Private Network (VPN)
services, announced the launch of a new VPN service for individuals and
companies worldwide.

Telecom Lead America: The IPVanish VPN will offer 2,500
IPs on 33 servers in 13 countries, with further network build-outs planned. The
service is available for $10 per month and includes encryption technology,
free VPN software, unlimited data transfer/web browsing and lightning-fast
Tier-1 VPN network speed.

IPVanish VPN servers are located in Austria, Canada, Denmark,
Germany, Hungary, Myanmar, Netherlands,
Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United
Kingdom and the United States, with more locations to be added

According to IPVanish, public Wi-Fi and mobile browsing
isn’t secure – it can be as easy as installing a browser plug-in for someone to
hack into your Facebook, Twitter, email and online shopping accounts. IPVanish
VPN guards every level of user, from individuals who surf the web 30 minutes
per day to Fortune 500 companies.

Subscribers will get a dynamic IP address, which
means you are assigned a different IP each time you log in. User bandwidth is
unmetered, which means you can use the service as much as you want without
having your bandwidth capped.

IPVanish VPN is available for Windows 7, Windows Vista,
Windows XP, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, Android and Ubuntu. In addition the VPN
supports three most popular VPN protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP.


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