IRCOM announces launch of ASSET 8.0 and CONNECT 8.0

By Telecom Lead: AIRCOM International, an independent network planning and optimization solutions
provider, has launched its upgraded planning products, ASSET 8.0 and CONNECT


ASSET 8.0 and CONNECT 8.0 upgrades deliver important
functionality advancements on existing versions and strengthen the integration
to its I-VIEW framework.


Both ASSET 8.0 and CONNECT 8.0 represent notable
advancements from existing releases. The wide range of new features and
additional content available in these upgrades ensure that ASSET and CONNECT
will continue to be the most powerful planning tools available today,” said
Calum Byers, COO at AIRCOM International.

The company said that the ASSET 8.0 is more visual and collaborative. It offers
Web Maps to the existing ASSET map view and continuing with enhanced Google
Earth exporting capabilities. Analysis zones and areas for location-based
services have also been integrated to better inform network planning decisions.

ASSET 8.0 has enhanced LTE simulation arrays and supports LTE MME ad
SAE-GW modeling. Also, it supports IM generation, LAC-RAC planning, emergency
zone planning and location-based services.

On the other hand, CONNECT 8.0 is focused on addressing technology evolution
and enhancing existing integration with ASSET and I-VIEW DIMENSION.


CONNECT 8.0 contains a powerful new productivity pack for
Automatic Frequency and Capacity Planning in backhaul networks and adds LTE
support for its market-leading Carried Traffic Analysis feature.

CONNECT 8.0 is built upon automatic frequency and capacity planning
module using unique algorithms enabling CapEX and OpEx savings. Additionally,
it provides LTE and multi-technology extensions to Carried Traffic Analysis and
Unified Route Planning.

It supports evolution of vendor equipment parameters for accurate backhaul
capacity planning addressing TDM to IP migration.


The new upgrade version has an equipment editor and with
reporting enhancements to improve backhaul planning and optimization process.


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