iTeknik Holding looks for merger/acquisition candidates

iTeknik Holding Corporation announced that it has
launched a search for acquisition and merger candidates in the information
technology industry or related field.

The company has executed five non-disclosure agreements
and is currently evaluating two specific transactions. One transaction would be
a potential acquisition and the second proposal would be a merger.

In addition, the company is having serious discussions
with three other parties regarding other specific opportunities. The company
desires to enter into an acquisition or merger agreement by the end of the

iTeknik Holding was
formed to find merger and acquisition partners in order to grow and increase
the value of the Company. We conducted a series of meetings on Wall Street with
several investment banking firms, fund managers and business brokers,” said
Fredrick Wicks, chairman and CEO of iTeknik Holding Corporation.

These firms were very positive about the prospects of
obtaining funds for iTeknik’s strategic plans. The Board of Directors feels
that now is the time to move forward and find opportunities that will expand
iTeknik’s product portfolio into other industries.

By Team
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