iVK Mobile to strengthen market presence with inexpensive SICT mobile products


iVK Mobile has launched SICT branded mobile
phones and is supported by SICT Mobile Communication for all the product
development needs for Indian market. SICT Mobile Communication was established
in August 2003. SICT is an integrated industrial chain company specializing in
mobile phones and mobile phone accessories. As a manufacturing company, the
company covers all operations from R&D, PCB, SMT, molding, injection,
assembly, battery, screen, camera, charger, speaker, packing and logistics.
Anil Kaushik, CEO, iVK Mobiles talks about the company’s future plans:


What is the uniqueness of your products
that makes you different from your competition? What are your strengths?

Most of the products available in market
are similar irrespective of brand. The difference is in terms of product
quality and price to consumer.

For products we are supported by GXT,
China. GXT is a completely backward integrated organization wherein we manufacture
all the related components used in mobile phones. We have a very strong
manufacturing setup with over 15,000 employees manufacturing 100,000 phones
every day.


What are the new challenges in the market?

India is a diverse market where in the customer
needs change with respect to area, age and work. Creating a product to meet all
the customer needs is a big challenge. So we have to create different products
to meet different customer need.

Service after sales is a big challenge and
we have to ensure availability of spare part at different service partner to
keep our customer in good humor.

Recently, the variance in USD to INR has
been the biggest challenge resulting in erosion of profitability.


Would you able to mark your presence among
all leading handset manufacturers in India?

To be very honest, market has already
realized our presence though we have a long way to go. We are sure to be among
the top brands in next few months with launch of our 3G Android phone and other
innovative products.  


What are the new products in the pipeline?

Our company is focused on their low
end, mid end and high end products.

Our company will continue to bring low and
mid end products besides high end but very competitively priced. We are
bringing fully loaded multimedia products with big speaker and big battery and
1.8″ / 2″ display besides 3G Android Phone with large display. We are planning
to launch these products in upcoming month. We have just launched a new product
iV131 at a very competitive price.


What are your marketing strategies?

Our distribution network is growing every
day. We are adding business partners in new state every month. In this month we
have just added Jharkhand, Orissa.

We have a very good sales team besides we
believe in relations rather product sales. We and our partners are committed to
make SICT a big brand in India. Last but not the least; we have created
competition by providing a very good quality product.


By Danish Khan
[email protected]