Ixia reveals TrafficREWIND solution

Ixia testing
Ixia has revealed TrafficREWIND solution that extracts traffic pattern and recreates the same into a controlled sand-box environment.

The technology company said that the TrafficREWIND solution works on the new patent pending technology and claims to help everyone from carriers to instrument providers in speeding up fault isolation and outage resolution with real world testing.

The solution will be on display at Cisco Live held in Las Vegas 2016 from July 10 to 14, at booth #3019.

TrafficREWIND works in 3 steps:

# Translates production network input to traffic stimulus which is sent to sand-box test environments

# Payloads will be made anonymous for data security instead of previous method of storing it as traffic payloads

# Network behavior is modeled by changing application types at random, as well as the bandwidth distribution and application characteristics of the generated test traffic over time

TrafficREWIND will complement the Vision ONE network visibility solution, which captures production network traffic profiles, the BreakingPoint testing platform, which replays the traffic in a controlled environment such as a pre-deployment lab or a staged network, and Ixia’s Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) technology for advanced threat intelligence.

It is equipped with Application and Threat Intelligence traffic sensors to give metadata output in the form of Netflow records which are fed to TrafficREWIND. The output is then translated to production network insight into test traffic configurations with high fidelity.

BreakingPoint will process the translated data into a realistic application validate the production readiness of network security tools or application-aware devices.

“We’ve used that expertise to design TrafficREWIND and make it easy for customers to recreate their unique network traffic to quickly identify problems and fix them before there is any significant loss of productivity or potential revenue,” said Sunil Kalidindi, vice president, Product Management, Ixia.

Vision ONE integrates network visibility and security across physical and virtual environments on a single platform.

BreakingPoint claims to measure the stability, accuracy, and quality of networks and network devices, while TrafficREWIND will enable reviews of past production traffic conditions and replay them, plan for the future by scaling or changing traffic dynamics, and pause time to examine at the moment of incidence for instant fault analysis.

Vina Krishnan
[email protected]