Ixia unveils new solution for fifth generation of Wi-Fi

Telecom Lead America: Ixia, a global provider of
converged IP and wireless network test solutions has announced a new
architecture that will support the fifth generation of Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.11ac.


The new architecture creates a much more complete and
thorough approach to Wi-Fi device and network validation.  Ixia’s 802.11ac
support will be part of its IxVeriWave Wi-Fi suite of products. The company
said that this new technology promises to deliver higher bandwidth and improved
quality of experience for end users.


IxVeriWave’s tools are designed to test Wi-Fi devices and
wireless LAN networks using a client-centric model.


“To realize the performance and density gains
802.11ac promises, chip and hardware developers must navigate significant
technical challenges,” said Joe Zeto, sr. manager, market development at


Furthermore, the technology is expected to be adopted
rapidly into enterprise, residential, and carrier access points. The company
added that Wi-Fi is poised to break the gigabit barrier with the introduction
of the next generation of the 802.11 standard known as IEEE 802.11ac.


802.11ac introduces many new technology innovations, and
the complexity of 802.11ac will push developers to stretch the precision of
their designs requiring a rethinking of the traditional approach to testing.


“5G WiFi powered by IEEE 802.11ac, provides new
innovations that enable more reliable whole home coverage for consumers to
stream digital content between devices faster, while simultaneously connecting
more wireless devices. Innovations in 802.11ac test systems, such as those by
Ixia, are critical for developing a complete and robust 5G WiFi eco system,”
said Bryan Richter, director of hardware development engineering, Mobile
&Wireless Group at Broadcom.


Ixia launches new VoLTE application

At Mobile World Congress 2012, Ixia demonstrated its new
VoLTE test solution. Ixia’s new
VoLTE test application allows operators to validate their networks under
realistic conditions.


VoLTE test solution supports GSMA IR.92
specification. The solution offers emulation of SIP endpoints to initiate and
receive voice calls and SMS texts over eGTP.  It also provides emulation
of the IMS network (P-CSCF & MGW).


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