Jain TV Group firm set to launch HITS project for Indian cable TV industry

Telecom Lead India: Noida Software Technology Park
(NSTPL), a part of the Jain TV Group, has signed a multi-transponder agreement
for C-band capacity on Intelsat 902 at 62 degree East, to launch the HITS

The company will use the capacity to create a white
label, turnkey channel package that can be received and distributed by multiple
system and local cable operators throughout the country.

NSTPL’s HITS platform called JAINHITS will support
India’s goal of changing television networks from analogue to digital system,
according to JK Jain, Group Chairman.

As per the Cable TV amendment Act 2011, the entire
distribution of TV signals on cable TV networks shall only be permitted in the
digital mode. 

HITS can implement DAS (Digital Access System) in one
stroke all over India, meeting all the regulatory and licensing requirements at
the same time. HITS technology with the help of Subscriber Management System
(SMS) and Conditional Access System (CAS) can monitor and control all accounting,
billing and cable distribution related business functions of all the
subscribers all over the country. 

HITS will show subscriber numbers to broadcasters, tax
authorities, all partners in the cable distribution chain and all other
interested parties, accurately and transparently.  Subscribers shall
benefit from itemized billing details so that they will be charged only for the
channels that they wish to subscribe.

Today, there are about 60,000 Cable Operators and about
6000 Headend operators that serve more than 90 million Cable Homes.

Collaboration with HITS operator makes sense for cable
operators. A HITS operator sets up a Super Headend with capacity to serve all
the partnering cable operators who need not put up expensive Digital Headend to
meet regulatory, licensing and commercial requirements of running this business
of distributing satellite TV channels.

Cable networks who are willing to connect and collaborate
with HITS operator can meet the statutory requirements of Quality Of Service
parameters as set by TRAI without risking big investments and without losing
their cable networks ownership and clients.

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