JDSU collaborates with Frontier to deliver broadband services to rural communities in West Virginia

Telecom lead America: Test and measurement major
JDSU has unveiled a new installment of a campaign focused on its work
with Frontier Communications to deliver high-speed broadband
communications services to rural communities throughout West Virginia.


Frontier extends fiber-optic, next-generation broadband
throughout West Virginia and its Fiber 7.0 implements 13 connected rings throughout
the state which provide greater quality in its consistency and reliability of


“The benefits of providing broadband services in
rural areas are enormous. From a business perspective, from an education
perspective and from an entertainment perspective, connecting small, rural
areas to the global marketplace changes the nature of the U.S. economy,”
said David Heard, president of JDSU’s communications test and measurement
business segment.


Frontier Communications is a provider of voice, broadband
and video services in 27 states in the U.S and playing a leading role in making
affordable broadband service available to more Americans.


JDSU’s new campaign is available on its official
website that depicts the economic, education, healthcare and other benefits of
affordable broadband communications and demonstrates the favorable impact that
next-generation network technology is having on West Virginians.


“Frontier partners with JDSU to ensure that our
network is of the highest quality. The test equipment we utilize allows us to
ensure that the network is up, is running and is always reliable,” said
Ken Arndt, president of Frontier’s Southeast region.


JDSU technology to pave way for PacketPortal-enabled devices to
reduce dropped mobile calls


Recently, JDSU introduced PacketPortal that allows
communications service providers to address growing bandwidth needs and meet
user demand for quality of services.


PacketPortal, a Smart Network Application Platform
(SNAP), uses microprobe technology to cost-effectively gather intelligence
anywhere in the network for use with a suite of customer care, marketing and
other applications. These applications give service providers a new way to
drive revenue, build strong brands and command subscriber loyalty.


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