JDSU showcases testing solutions at TM Forum Live! 2015

JDSU will showcase its wireless testing solutions at several TM Forum Live! 2015.

JDSU will cover NFV (network functions virtualization), multi-screen video services, and big data analytics — to demonstrate the power of value-added visibility in transforming the quality and profitability of future networks and services. TM Forum Live! 2015 is taking place on June 1-4 at the Acropolis in Nice, France.

The wireless testing solutions vendor recently announced its association with SoftBank Mobile, a telecom operator in Japan.

JDSU solutions
JDSU will demo the following items at TM Forum Live! 2015 Catalyst Projects

Maximizing Profitability with Network Functions Virtualization

JDSU testing solutions instantiate, monitor and scale virtualized network functions (VNF) based on real-time technical parameters and business metrics to optimize both cost and customer experience.

Operations Transformation and Simplifications Enabled by Virtual Customer-Premises Equipment (vCPE)

JDSU testing solutions automate the setup, configuration and management of customer premises equipment to support services without manual intervention or specialized equipment, and improve the speed and scale of deployment.

Ensuring the Best Multi-Screen Customer Experience 

JDSU testing solutions improve customer retention and lower operational costs through proactive real-time analytics, correlation of key performance indicators (KPIs) in end user devices, and enhanced quality of experience functionality.

Analytics Big Data Repository

JDSU testing solutions ensures speed time to insight and end-user quality of experience with an innovative Analytics Big Data Repository (ABDR) approach for video multiscreen applications.

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