JDSU unveils multichannel optical transport network test solution for 10G, 40G and 100G networks


JDSU announced the launch of the first Optical Transport
Network (OTN) multichannel test solution for 10G, 40G and 100G networks.


JDSU’s multichannel solution enables service providers to
accelerate the development and deployment of high-speed OTN-based transport and
switching equipment for more cost-effective transmission of video and other
high-bandwidth traffic.


In addition to supporting network speeds up to 100G,
JDSU’s multichannel solution is unique in that it simulates the complexities of
live network traffic more precisely than any competing solution. These
capabilities give service providers better assurance that they will be able to
deliver a quality experience to their consumer and business customers.


JDSU’s OTN multichannel solution is provided from the
company’s ONT product line. The advanced multichannel, multi-port architecture
makes the ONT an ideal tool for the development and production of high-speed
network systems.


“The rapidly growing volume of unpredictable,
video-driven traffic has created new risks to service quality and a growing
need for more cost-effective transmission and switching technologies like
OTN,” said Lars Friedrich, vice president and general manager,
Communications Test and Measurement business segment, JDSU.  


This new feature complements JDSU’s portfolio of
multichannel transmission test solutions which started with the introduction of
the industry’s first SDH/SONET multichannel tester ten years ago.


JDSU recently announced that it has led
the development of a new communications test breakthrough for measuring the end
user quality of experience when uploading and downloading video and other
high-bandwidth content over the Internet.


By Telecomlead.com Team
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