Juniper extends cloud computing defense platform with antivirus protections


At VMworld 2011, Juniper Networks introduced significant
additions to the Juniper Networks vGW Virtual Gateway solution for customers
looking for a comprehensive virtualization security platform.


New functionalities will provide virtualization-specific
antivirus (AV) protections and continuous monitoring against malware and
hackers, while simultaneously ensuring that security does not impede
virtualized workload performance or present a barrier to implementing
large-scale virtualized environments.


Added to vGW Virtual Gateway version 5.0 are increased
protection, scalability and compliance features for virtualized workloads.


vGW 5.0 integrates monitoring, firewall, intrusion
detection and compliance capabilities with new layers of defenses including
antivirus protection, hypervisor compliance monitoring, and large-scale
virtualization security management capabilities, making it a universal threat
management (UTM) solution for cloud computing.


“Businesses have a lot to gain from optimizing their
data center operations through virtualization, and security concerns should not
impede those potentially huge cost savings,” said Douglas Murray, senior
vice president and general manager, security business unit at Juniper Networks.


The latest version of Juniper’s vGW Series not only
enhances security protections without compromising capacity, but enables
scalable management across global virtualized environments with multiple data


“Juniper provides an innovative solution to
integrate physical and virtual network security at scale with vGW Virtual
Gateway and the SRX series. With vGW 5.0 Virtual Gateway, Juniper provides a
tightly-integrated virtual solution for defense-in-depth protection and
centralized security management,” said Jon Oltsik, senior principal
analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group.


The vGW 5.0 antivirus feature secures VMs against
resident malware and other programs designed to hide in files and VMs in order
to disrupt business or rob organizations of mission-critical information. The
vGW 5.0 AV protections can detect the malware or viruses and quarantine the
infected files or infected guest VMs themselves.


The vGW 5.0 antivirus engine provides optional on-demand
scanning so that administrators can scan VMs offline at optimal off peak times
when network resource use is low. The vGW 5.0 virtualization-specific approach
to AV offers numerous scanning options, allowing organizations to
cost-effectively optimize their antivirus protections for performance and
intelligent scanning.


The net effect is optimal VM host performance even when
what is traditionally CPU and RAM-intensive AV security is turned on.


VM gold image enforcement provides a sophisticated
compliance checking mechanism and continuous monitoring of desired security
state with alerting and mitigation options for instances when that state is
negatively impacted.


vGW Virtual Gateway 5.0 enhancements allows
Multi-center/management support that synthesizes security policies for
large-scale deployments into a single manageable whole, across geographies and
data center locations.


Split-center management capabilities that segment
information contained in one VMware vCenter Server instance into multiple,
independently-managed vGW to improve resource isolation for cloud services or


Tree search features along Smart Group expression builder
and the ability to easily quarantine VMs that become non-compliant supporting
quick and easy search, classification and mitigation across a large number of


Juniper Networks recently announced
that Harris Farm Markets, Australia’s first fruit and vegetable supermarket
chain, is driving operational efficiency and stepping up its customer service
with the deployment of an integrated Juniper-based networking solution for its
stores and warehouses.


The solution, based around Juniper Networks SRX Series
Services Gateways and running on the Junos operating system, provides the
company with a secure and cost-effective network to support its point-of-sale
and inventory management applications.


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