Juniper Networks Unveils New Security Line Cards to improve LTE mobile networks

Telecom Lead Asia: Juniper Networks has unveiled new security line cards for its market leading SRX5600 and 5800 Series Services Gateway designed to improve performance and reliability of LTE mobile networks.

The growing demand for online video and data services require mobile operators to deploy high performance security solutions with carrier-grade reliability and scalability to confidently provide access to sensitive information, traditionally not available on mobile devices.

As mobile operators shift to all IP-based networks, their infrastructures become increasingly exposed to advanced threats designed to steal information or impact service availability.

The new products from Juniper Networks provide next-generation security to protect against the biggest threats to data centers.

Juniper SRX line cards provide mobile operators with zero downtime performance upgrades and scale to accommodate the exponential growth of network throughput. The SRX line cards support up to 100 million concurrent sessions and up to 200 Gbps of firewall throughput with a single SRX Services Gateway.

Juniper Networks new SRX line cards are compatible with current cards and chassis.  Existing Juniper customers can use the same SRX 5000 series chassis extending current investments while scaling to meet customer demands.

The SRX was developed to be natively aware of mobile-specific protocols such as GTP and LTE-SCTP resulting in firewall awareness to block the proliferation of attacks leveraging or embedded in such protocols.

According to Nawaf Bitar, senior vice president, Security Business Unit, Juniper Networks, Juniper’s new SRX 5000 series line cards offer unprecedented scale for firewall, VPN and other security services, zero downtime for hardware and software upgrades and the ability for our existing customers to protect their current investment.

RSA and Juniper expand technology partnership to prevent advanced threats 

Juniper Networks has joined hands with RSA to expand their technology partnership to help detect and prevent advanced threats and enhance the security and usability of remote access for mobile users.

The companies also intend to collaborate further to enable Junos Pulse SSL Secure to authenticate native mobile application access to present a unified access point for both VPN and mobile applications.

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