Karbonn Mobiles : social networking demands trigger 3G adoption


Karbonn Mobiles, launched in March 2009, is the one of
the fastest growing mobile brands in the country. Karbonn Mobiles is a joint
venture between Delhi-based Jaina Group and Bangalore based UTL Group. Karbonn
already has more than 550 service centers established across the country.
Shashin Devsare, executive director, Karbonn Mobiles, talks about mobile trends
in emerging telecom markets.

What are the technology trends in 3G market in emerging nations such as
India, Brazil, China, Africa and the Middle East?


There are many common technology trends that can be
identified across emerging markets. Advent of wide range of smart phones at
attractive price points has boosted the adoption of 3G technology tremendously.
Besides, computing and internet usage; smart phones are also delivering
excellent multi-media experience to consumers on-the-go.


Tremendous growth in social networking and majority of
users preferring access over mobile/smart phones is another factor driving 3G

Mobile broadband enabled by 3G make it a viable
alternative for internet browsing because of its speed and capability, and USB
Modems connecting to 3G networks are becoming increasingly common.

What are your new offerings in the 3G space?


Our product offerings under 3G Technology can be
classified in 3 broad categories: multi-media phones, smart phones and internet
media tablets


How do you ensure 3G devices are meeting
customer demands?


Our devices are thoroughly tested on available 3G
networks in each country before commercial launch hence ensuring optimized 3G
experience for users on Karbonn Mobiles.

How superior are your products and services as compared with competition?


In the first phase Karbonn’s smart phones and internet
media tablet’s would be based on Google’s Android Operating System. Hence the
application experience that a user would seek & get will be at par with any
other international brand. Also, hardware specifications will be optimized for
competitive benchmarking to ensure state-of-the-art multi-media experience in
addition to computing & internet usage.

What are your new challenges and opportunities in emerging nations such as
India, Brazil, China, Africa and the Middle East?


Opportunities for Karbonn Mobiles in emerging markets are
vast as traction for value for money offering in both multi-media phones and
smart phones is going to be very high. Brand creation, well oiled distribution
channel and efficient service network creation keeping the local nuances in
consideration are the key challenges but given our vast experience in mobile
telephony; Karbonn Mobiles is confident of overcoming these challenges in a
shorter span than its competitors.

Is LTE posing challenges to 3G deployments?


As a mobile device vendor we are technology neutral and
will have product offerings across all key mobile telephony platforms.

Is 3G losing its importance in developed and developing countries?


So far the traction that 3G has gained is significant and
growing across the markets where it has been introduced.


What are the new demands of telecom service


Besides attractive price points telecom service providers
are keen to support handset brands that are diligently trying to enhance user
experience thru mobile software eco-system with applications and content
access. Naturally higher data usage in such a scenario means a win-win
situation both for service providers and handset brands.


By TelecomLead.com Team
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