KDDI America launches new cloud solution


KDDI America, the U.S. division of KDDI Corporation,
announced the release of the cloud service, KA-Kloud, a comprehensive solution
combining network service, cloud platform, and systems integration in August


The solution will provide businesses a smooth transfer to
a cloud environment all while supporting a centralized maintenance environment.


KDDI America will be offering KA-Kloud to the existing
customer base as well as new customers to provide them with a more cost
effective solution to moving either a business application or data center to
the cloud.


A cloud-based initiative on a virtualized server may save
a company 80% of the costs normally associated with more traditional server
deployment. Speed, scalability, security and access from anywhere and anytime
to your virtual servers are other reasons businesses are moving to the cloud.


KA-Kloud provides an IaaS service (Infrastructure as a
Service) solution, in which virtual servers can be set up using two different
operating systems, OS for Windows 2008R2 and additionally Cent OS5.6.


The customers who would benefit from this service are
those who want to move away from traditional server deployment to a more
virtual solution for decreased cost and increased scalability.


KDDI America has around 50
global data centers and network coverage that spans 150 countries including
Asia, North America, South America, Europe and Australia.


“Customer security is a top priority on every level.
We use only best-in-class, state of the art data center facilities and offer
onsite security staff 24/7, 365 days of the year. Our application has built-in
security measures including strong password settings, IP restriction, and
network monitoring service,” said Nobutsugu Ogata, director of Enterprise
Product Planning of KDDI America.


KA-Kloud will offer a variety of services to meet various
business requirements. The service will provide a control panel for customers
so they will be able to control the system independently.


Provisioning time and capacity increases can be made
promptly upon customer request. The service will allow customers who work in
systems configuration to cut back on their workload and accelerate their


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