Keynote SIGOS unveils LTE testing solution

Keynote SIGOS, a provider of active testing of mobile networks, services and components and a subsidiary of Keynote Systems, announced the launch of SIGOS Integrated Test Environment (SITE) 2.5.
SITE 2.5 is one of the first active end-to-end test systems ready for LTE, a standard for mobile broadband. With SITE, network operators will have the ability to actively monitor LTE access networks in addition to other technologies like CDMA, GSM and UMTS.
The SITE system is a modular hardware and software platform, designed to measure the availability and performance of network services from a customer’s point of view, and to pinpoint any network issues.
“LTE is a maturing technology that is gaining momentum, but network operators still have several challenges in implementing the technology, requiring significant testing on a global scale,” said Martin Lhlein, managing director at Keynote SIGOS.
“With SITE, network operators all around the world can get the real user experience, identify and troubleshoot network issues quickly and effectively,maintaining a quality of service and experience that mobile users expect.”

SITE is hosted by the customer and combines multiple mobile technologies to support network operators, infrastructure providers and other telecommunications players with the integration of new services and the optimization of existing ones.
SITE ensures Quality of Service (QoS) and helps telecoms secure maximum end user satisfaction and revenue. The unique scalability, versatility and ease of SITE integration with the infrastructure of the network operator guarantees rapid return on investment.
The advances in SITE also extend to the company’s other network testing solutions. SITE technology is the foundation of GlobalRoamer, the Keynote SIGOS hosted solution and the world’s largest outbound roaming test system.

The GlobalRoamer footprint spans more than 225 locations in over 175 countries, and provides access to more than 580 mobile networks worldwide. GlobalRoamer allows network operators to test and monitor outbound roaming to ensure roaming relationships, to detect gray routing through SIM Boxes.
Customers benefit from GlobalRoamer without having to maintain their own test infrastructure.
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