Keysight brings 5G channel sounding reference solution

Keysight Technologies has introduced the 5G channel sounding Reference Solution — designed for accelerating research of millimeter-wave 5G channel models and includes ultra-broadband and MIMO.

To achieve data rates of as much as 10 Gbps, new air-interfaces are being developed to operate in frequency bands from 10-100 GHz. The 5G channel sounding Reference Solution combines metrology grade hardware, software and expertise to allow customers to characterize the channel behavior in these frequency bands.

Keysight’s 5G channel sounding Reference Solution enables:

# Tx/Rx up to 44 GHz with 1 GHz bandwidth for 4 or 8 MIMO channels
Capture of multiple phase coherent channels for real-time CIR data processing in FPGAs
System-level calibration and synchronization to achieve precise timing and accurate measurements
Flexibility and scalability to add more channels and tests as 5G standards evolve
Customization of waveforms, models for channel parameter extractions and system integration
Keysight brings 5G channel sounding reference solution
Meanwhile, Keysight Technologies added U5856A and U5857A, two higher temperature models, which can perform temperature measurements up to 650 degrees C and 1200 degrees C respectively.

The user can detect a temperature range for various applications such as petrochemical and steel processing, electrical and mechanical applications, building maintenance and electronics applications.

The T&M company said technicians and engineers can detect abnormalities without shutting down the system with the help of U5850 series.

Keysight’s U5850 series TrueIRthermal imagers include four times in-camera fine resolution of 320 x 240 pixels from a 160 x 120 pixel detector using which user can focus on an object as close as 10 cm.

This apart, logging and temperature trending capabilities allow users to monitor temperature changes overtime for accurate quality checks and diagnostic purposes.

User can also capture, save and analyze temperature changes accurately with 0.07 degree C thermal sensitivity.

TrueIR Analysis and Reporting Tool PC software helps in-depth analysis and report generation to technicians and engineers.

Additionally, U5855A design allows engineers to use the thermal imager for longer periods of time and operate it single-handedly in tight locations.

Frequently used functions like flash light, laser pointer, auto scaling or simply capture thermal image with quick access buttons can be accessed easily by user.

“Our customers can have the utmost confidence in our expanded portfolio of thermal imagers with the improved overall usability,” said Ee Huei Sin, vice president, Keysight’s General-Purpose Electronic Measurement Division.

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