Keysight brings Signal Optimizer software for 5G

Keysight Signal Optimizer software for 5G
Testing solutions company Keysight Technologies has revealed a Signal Optimizer software for calibration, signal creation and signal analysis of 5G candidate waveforms.

Designed for R&D engineers, the testing software claims to simplify calibration and the critical design tasks related to 5G signal creation and analysis.

The US-based technology company said the new product is a solution to the challenge of calibrating 5G signals, moving over the difficulty of calibrating wideband channels at RF, microwave and millimeter wave frequencies.

The product features fully-guided system calibrations and task-based instructions claim to ease complex system optimization and measurements, offering engineers a device to validate their 5G designs.

“Our new Signal Optimizer software solves this problem by bringing together 5G measurement science and flexible wideband system calibrations in a single software solution. The result is a powerful 5G-focused solution for accelerating deployment of the fifth generation of mobile wireless services,” conveyed Mark Pierpont, vice president, Internet Infrastructure Solutions Group, Keysight Technologies.

The software can generate and analyze 5G candidate technologies like FBMC and F-OFDM. Enhanced LTE for 5G is also under process with multiple access on existing LTE signals. Coming additions are licensed and can be added to the Signal Optimizer software as per requirement.

The Optimizer software is available now with the K3101A base calibration and one signal creation and analysis selection at $25,000. The K3101A with base calibration is available at $5,000; the K3102A with digital modulation signal creation and analysis, or the K3103A with 5G candidate on LTE FDD signal creation and analysis, or the K3104A with 5G candidate on OFDM signal creation and analysis, are available at $20,000.