Keysight brings 5G network emulation solutions for 5G NR

Keysight 5G NR network emulation solutions
Keysight Technologies announced that its 5G network emulation solutions are ready for 5G NR — targeting device makers and chipset vendor.

The global test and measurement company demonstrated the 5G NR test capabilities at its 5G Tech Connect event in San Francisco on December 14.

Earlier this year, Keysight launched network emulation solutions (5G Protocol R&D Toolset and 5G RF DVT Toolset) that enable device and chipset manufacturers to prototype and develop 5GTF chipsets and devices.

Keysight’s 5G network emulation solutions enable the device ecosystem to simplify workflows, share insights, and speed time to market. Keysight said the workflow based solution portfolio uses a common and scalable software platform across a unified 5G development toolset that streamlines 5G modem and device R&D workflow.

Keysight is the first global test and measurement company to offer the ability to address 5G NR challenges. Keysight said it will support channel bandwidth, beamforming, 8CC aggregation and multi-gigabit end-to-end IP data rates.

Kailash Narayanan, vice president and general manager, Wireless Device and Operators at Keysight, said the early availability of the 5G testing solution illustrates the benefits of its early collaborations with the market makers.

“Our testing solutions, with support for sub-6GHz and mmWave testing, will help the development and deployment of 5G modems and devices to meet the challenge of varying global spectrum and interoperability requirements,” Kailash Narayanan said.