Keysight provides 28 GHz Channel Sounding Solution to NTT Docomo

Test and measurement company Keysight Technologies announced it has provided a 28 GHz Channel Sounding Solution to NTT Docomo for a channel sounding research project in Japan.
Keysight 5G solution
This 5G project is part of an agreement between Keysight and NTT Docomo to develop next-generation 5G wireless communication systems by conducting channel sounding studies at mmWave frequencies.

Telecom engineers at NTT Docomo will use 5G channel sounding solution to characterize the air interface for the new 5G radio-communication system. Keysight’s 5G channel sounding solution measures parameters such as path loss, power delay profile, reflection, and various fading profiles including Doppler shift as part of NTT Docomo strategy to design efficient 5G channel models.

Using the Keysight 5G 28 GHz Channel Sounding Solution with wideband MIMO data capture techniques enables engineers to measure angular spread with fewer measurements and improve resolution of the multi-path parameters.

“We knew that we needed a cooperative relationship with a test and measurement provider who specialized in high-frequency applications to develop and verify underlying technologies for 5G,” said Yukihiko Okumura, group leader of 5G Radio Access Network Research Group, Research Laboratories of NTT Docomo.

The current high frequency channel-sounding project uses Keysight’s 28 GHz 5G MIMO channel sounding reference solution. Keysight and NTT DOCOMO recently cooperated on a similar project at a 60 GHz fixed use case.

“Keysight is enabling the 5G industry by providing a combination of technical expertise and solutions in mmWave frequencies,” said Garret Lees, director of Operator Solution Group, Keysight Technologies.