Keysight releases new version of SystemVue 2015.01

Keysight Technologies has unveiled SystemVue 2015.01, a new version of its premier system-level electronic design automation software.

SystemVue 2015.01 will deliver commercial 5G simulation reference library and direct integration of MATLAB Script from the MathWorks.

The productivity of the system architects and baseband physical layer designers has been increased by the SystemVue 2015.01 which enables 5G technology research.

SystemVue 2015.01 also integrates with MATLAB Script to enable algorithm modeling, debugging and scripting from within the SystemVue user interface.

Additionally, Keysight’s W1907BP 5G Forward Baseband Verification Library Bundle enables 4G designers to start anticipating 5G challenges.

The W1907BP adds legacy support for 2G/3G standards.

Company officials said using SystemVue 2015.01, algorithm modelers can work directly on PHY designs in language-based (MATLAB, C++ or HDL) or graphical blocks and then connect to accurate RF models, standards-based IP references and test and measurement assets.

The updated version has enhanced RF system level EVM budget analysis and AM/PM support, reference receivers and EVM/BER support for 25 modulation formats that are useful for satellite and military communications.

3D EM antenna pattern import from EMPro and support for Keysight test instruments has also been enhanced.

Keysight’s SystemVue 2015.01 is available for download and starts at $17,687.

Keysight is also providing a 30 day free evaluation copy.

Last month, Keysight Technologies introduced four performance options for its small, flexible and Advanced Power System (APS) N6900 Series DC Power supplies.

In April, Keysight showcased some of its many semiconductor parametric and modeling solutions.